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RMS version 3.5 is a comprehensive and a complete rental business solution.  It includes distribution system, the order management, and reporting system. 

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Comptest is an independent software development company who provides real-world practical and cost-effective software development solutions.  These include:

  • Multiple successful commercial business products
  • Complete software test support options, ranging from remote support to local design assistance, to complete outsourcing of this function
  • Network support, including design and installation as well as remote support

Product development support, includes: 

  • Product design, working with your users and developers
  • Code development training to expand your in-house knowledge
  • Development resources, to assist in completing the actual coding work
  • Configuration management of the products
  • Code module outsourcing, where it is more efficient to subcontract development of complete modules of utility code, freeing Kuwait Airways’ personnel for higher value efforts
  • Operator training on finished software, including course and material development, training the trainers, and in-house and local training for the operators.

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